How to Use This Site

If you have found this site, you most likely either have a relationship with someone who is suffering from a personality disorder or you have just left a relationship with someone suffering from BPD.

This site is for the person who's hurting, scared, afraid of being alone, just told that they were a terrible person, not sure which way is up, not sure who they are anymore, in need of general help, needing a lifeline.

If you have any of these needs, welcome home and to your extended support system. We're here for you.

*Please Note:* We used to say that this site was for those in relationships with others that were truly disordered. We've quickly realized that many can use this advice as most relationships have some dysfunctional element to them. Even those of you that weren't in a dysfunctional relationship will find value here. Take what you need from here. It's free.

Enjoy this site. Enjoy the stories. Imagine what you would have done in the situations that I found myself. Would you have acted similarly? Would you have done it differently? That's what makes us human -- we're all so different.

This is a welcome place where you should feel at home, and free to openly speak with anonymity. No one will find you here -- no one will tell you that you can't post here. You're safe.

Read the posts and the stories, enjoy them, and feel free to openly contribute and comment. If you would like to become an author, send me an email at I'll be sure to get you set up and let you openly post.

About This Blog

This blog describes the process that a person goes through after being in a committed relationship with a person affected with Borderline Personality Disorder. It shows how a person recovers from abuse and instability and how to rebuild one's life so it is more fulfilling than before the relationship.

Please note that I am not a professional or a doctor; rather someone who was blessed with experiencing life at what I thought was its worst so I could rebuild it to be better than ever. If you need immediate help, contact a professional or call emergency services. I cannot take responsibility for your well-being -- you need to do that. 

Enjoy the journey, the funny and sad stories, the songs, videos and the changes one makes as I strive to make myself whole.