Friday, April 15, 2011

I Sometimes Still Dream About The BPD

It's strange, but you still sometimes dream about the BPD. Real strange.

Last night I dreamed about her. It was strange -- I saw her somewhere. It was so strange that it woke me up in the middle of the night and I couldn't fall back to sleep for some time.

When I saw her and we interacted, I think that it was the way I think she and I would be with one another -- quite guarded. I remember telling her about Jennie, and her making some comment where she's accusing me of treating her horribly, but now, I don't respond. I think I walked away from her, but awaited feeling the blow from her when she hit me.

Looking back as I write this, I guess it's a little PTSD. It was definitely strange.

The bottom line is that it takes years -- years -- to get away from the BPD person and to get them out of your head. Any relationship can damage you, but BPDs put a real hurting on you.

The nice thing is that you can shed the wounds, in time. The Post Traumatic Stress dissipates, and you're left feeling better than ever.

The BPD is left being an incomplete person that has difficulty assimilating into society and succeeding in relationships.

I'd rather have the temporary issues so I can feel better than ever.