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So, you got out of the relationship and are healing. You've gotten back to a place where you feel good about yourself, quite good, and it's time to spread your wings.

It's time to start dating again.

When it's time, you'll know, but be sure not to go too early. If you do start dating early, realize that you're *just* dating and not looking for that soul mate. That's okay too. After I ended the relationship with the Borderline, I dated like a madman for about six months. It was fun, and it helped pass the time.

So, what I've done here is provided links to some of the top dating websites, including my reviews, any information that I have on the site, etc. Enjoy the ride, and be sure to remember that dating is dating. If you're looking to meet your soul mate, it takes time. Do NOT short cut anything -- I know from experience -- you'll end up accepting things that aren't unacceptable.

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Aaaaah, who hasn't tried Match? I actually met the BPD on Match. I also met Jennie, my current fiance', on Match as well.

Which shows you one important thing -- these sites are a part of the world as we know it. With every one, you'll find people that are great and wonderful, and you'll also find people that are not so wonderful. You're not going to find one that's perfect. Just look for the one that's perfect for you. 7-day Free Trial


Good ole' eHarmony -- the site for those that don't like to choose others by pictures. They say that 2% of people who are married today first met on eHarmony.

I'm not sure if that's true or not, but my friend Chris has has great success on eHarmony. He met his last girlfriend on eHarmony.

The site has quite a lot of volume and is definitely worth a try. It's based on 29 dimensions of a person, something that I actually did -- I created a list of 10 must have's and 10 veto items in a partner and followed them religiously. When someone violated my list of must haves and veto items, I would break up with them.

Give eHarmony a try -- you may love it.

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So, I'm hearing great things about Chemistry, but I've actually never tried it. It seems that they have quite a few free offers, so it may be something worth trying.

In general, you should go online, see who you're seeing on the site. If it seems interesting, give it a try. If not, move on. Some sites are only focused on casual encounters (which isn't my thing), while others are focused on long term relationships. Chemistry does seem interesting. If I was dating, I'd definitely try it out.

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This is another newer site that is evidently quite successful. It caters to quite a few audiences and allows people to conduct a compatibility test. If you're looking for a highly compatible mate, check this one out.

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Friend Finder

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Aaaaah, Friend Finder. At the end of the relationship, the BPD told me about some husband who had dated people all around the country when he traveled because of Friend Finder. Sure enough, she thought that I was having casual encounters on Friend Finder as well.

Friend finder has a number of different areas. If you're looking for short- or long-term relationships, you should check out Friend Finder. 

Passion Search

Wow, take a look at this site. If I wasn't in a relationship, I'd be searching this site to see who I could find.

Like the others, PassionSearch allows you to search for free, and it even offers a free trial. Why not give it a try?

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