Friday, September 3, 2010

August Vacation - Back to Business

I've had a whirlwind summer, going all over the place, including the beach of North Carolina and many other exciting places. Time to get back to business.

Where to Go From Here?

This blog continues to grow in its readership, and I continue to get encouraging comments about the blog. Thanks to each of you about this. I've been trying to move the blog over to another platform at so readers can enjoy forums and they can better contribute themselves and enjoy more functionality from a more robust website, but this readership continues to grow, and I don't want to alienate anyone reading here. So, I'm in a bit of a quagmire. Let me know what you think I should do:
- Continue posting here
- Move altogether to
- Try to (weakly) maintaining two blogs with very similar material (but the comments are now beginning to differ)

Allow BPD's Comments?

One other thing that I'm finding is that BPDs are now providing comments on this site. I haven't published any of them as I think that this should be a place for those recovering from a relationship with someone suffering from BPD to find solace.

Soooo, I want to know what you think -- do I accept BPD's comments? This is the Us project.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings.

I'm back from my summer vacation -- as I continue to recover, my topics will get less, so please, if you'd like to be a guest blogger, let me know. Drop a line to and let me know. I'd love to get some guest bloggers.

Keep the fight, keep the faith, and keep moving forward.

-- Den


  1. Are you asking the question "should you accept borderline's comments" here on this blog site?

    If your goal is to have a place for people to recover after being in a relationship with a borderline I would have to think that the answer is "no".

    Its inevitable that there would be some borderline comments or borderlines interested in sharing their point of view and if they were in recovery or they offered some particular insight into their situation then you might consider it, but this seems rare.

    Most of the data suggests that many borderlines may be untreatable and the instances where you hear about recovery often come with some author selling books and DVD's off of their website (dubious $ interests).

    If their comments are all about how they're really the victim, well then quite frankly haven't we all heard enough of that? You might end up with unintended consequences if you allow BPD comments.

  2. Putting in my two pennies worth on about comments from borderline's, I would say yes as long as the comments are helpful, constructive and let us into there minds.

  3. I'm very much in two minds about this. Whilst I do appreciate an alternative insight and value free speech, I can also see the great value of having this blog as a "place of solace."

    I also feel that I may have had too many of and paid too much heed to my own BPD's comments. Indeed, I have toyed with the idea of typing-up some of the toe-curlingly abusive, distorted and heart-wrenching texts she had sent me in the various splitting/dissociating episodes.

    Saying that, if a BPD sufferer was to contribute a valuable or enlightening comment, I would not see their condition as a bar to posting it.

  4. MMMMM. Two minds here also. It would be an insight into there way and reasoning of thinking. Dangerous though that is. I replied to a BPD comment on this site before(???) and i was infuriated. It was so full of self pity with not a care for the hurt/devastation they cause others. How they hurt far more than we NON's do!!!! The usual "victim" role. If their comments were deemed to be constructive to Non BPD recovery then yes they should be printed. If their comment are all poor them them them then bin.

  5. Hazel, I've gone back and forth about this. I get lots of BPD comments, but I want to keep it safe for those trying to recover. Somewhere where others can contribute and not worry about an ex BPD or a BPD ripping them apart.

    You're right, I did *accidentally* publish a comment that I tried to delete. It was totally self-serving by a BPD. Unfortunately, with this software program, I cannot unpublish a comment once it's out there -- darn Google blogger! When everyone's ready to make the move to, let me know, and I'll make the move.

    I just published two more BPD entries as I thought they were insightful. I've been doing this for so long now that I'm a little jaded, so I need feedback on this.

    No matter what, make sure that you keep recovering, day by day. It's important to feel good about yourself every day.


  6. if this is a place where people go to get away from a bpd or bpd behaviour, then i would have to say that you should not allow bpds to post here..i think us nons know pretty much what they will say anyway..

  7. I saw and heard enough of a BPD for 3 years.

    They are non-fixable. My therapist said she will only work with one In their practice at a time because they are so difficult.

    I want to heal and reading info from a BPD's will not help me. And we all know they lie. If you print them I personally will not read them.


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