Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Include Comments From BPDs on a Relationship Recovery Site?

I've thought long and hard about this, and I've gotten many, many comments from BPDs over the years.

I think I've published only one of their comments to date.

I've asked each of you, this blog's loyal readers, what you think about publishing comments from BPD. Some of you have said no way while others have said sure.

After weighing in each of your comments, I've settled that for the most part, this site will not publish BPD comments, unless those comments will benefit the person who is a non and recovering from a current or past relationship with a BPD.

Make sense?

In other words:
- I will not publish comments (or articles) from BPDs where they are just talking about themselves to make themselves feel good. I will, however, publish comments and articles from non's who are hurting and need to feel better.
- I will not publish comments (or articles) from BPDs who are providing comment or insight when it does not positively impact and help the non
- I will publish comments (or articles) from BPDs that help the Non heal and give them insights into the mind and behaviors of a BPD

I recently published a comment from A Rose Covered In Thorns (did I date you?) because it was so insightful, and it benefited the Non community if they read into the mind of a BPD. Excellent comment that was quite helpful.

However, for the most part, I'm not going to publish most BPD comments. They don't help us that are recovering from relationships, so they don't help the core goal of this site.


  1. Hi to @all

    First I want to apologize for my bad english. I am from Germany and I have had the pleasure to be abused by a women; I was lucky enough to get out after 3 month with her. We had known each other for 3 years /over facebook mostly. Then I moved to her chaotic place/ she hat no diagnose/ or she never told me I would say/ she told me about PTSD/and problems with relationships/ she was sexual abused by her grantfather/ was thrown away by her mother and steepfather/ her real father was about to kill her mother and much more...
    I think she knows what she has but she keeps it a secret. (on an social network site her name is (it is not facebook and you cant find her on google) dont let the lipstick fool you – she is right about that. Shame on me... she did hurt me very very much ://

    What she told me and what I saw about her.

    -Was afraid to be alone/ it was not possible at all.

    -she was empty

    -could not sleep well/ and sleeped till 10-11 am. Everyday.

    -no concentration to do things

    -her live was very chaotic

    -victim role(her ex the evil one)

    -she had caretaker 2 time a week/ I think they cant help her at all

    -no job (never) and no perspective to do so

    -lies everytime about anything

    -she wants childs and a man (that was her only concern for now)

    -was cheating on me/ live and directly/ told me (the white knight) was a friend and had a girlfriend and 2 kids (I had to be quite) and she was hiding him from me... (I was very jelous about that) but she called me ill and so on/ I have to make a therapy and so on...

    -more lies straid in my face and to her friends/ without blinking

    -has stolen my handy becouse I was jalous and I was spying on her facebook account/ found the lies ther but she turned it around everytime...mega drama after that

    -she had done nothing wrong everytime/ she was the victim

    -only she she she she

    -me = an objekt= till my soul was bleeding

    -she was near and than on distance but later after my spy act she was most time on distance/ everytime cleaning the house/ in the kitchen and for 2 weeks meeting this other guy.

    -she treated me like junk and it was ok I deserved it/ I coulded resist on spying/ so one time I heard them having sex... she broke my heart and was turning things again around... she told me that she was playing it only to get me jelous and I deserved it... :/

    -never was she sorry about anything

    -no empathy/ she is an first class actor

    -1 time she fall of the stairs bc I wanted to leave/ that was planed to make me stay/ she played again the victim role.

    -his ex was for 9 month in jail, becouse of her. she was afraid of him/ and told me sometimes he would be never ok in his live/ she told me he had Borderline/ and has stalked and hit her. so I watched about it on inet and there is so much what reasembels to her.

  2. -her weight 48kg – 170cm – was eating not very much.

    -she was dilinquent- everyone deserved what she did and was doing to them- without thinking what she did.

    -was putting on an mask/ to be attractiv for her friends never for me/ when she did that she changed to an other person... totally arrogant and cold/ felt like she was superior

    -was afraid of going out/ 2 times she lost her control/ she has lost her orientation.

    -1 time she pulled my hair like a berserker becouse of my handy/ I did nothing

    -the police was searching for her becouse of her caretaker they wanted her to go in an hospital/ becouse of her weight.

    -She was projecting all her bad in me at last

    -I had to take care with all my money/ she got angry after I would like if we cut the spenses in half/half-> I was antisocial/ I was ill she told me...
    and now she is with the one in an relationship->the friend (blablabla)

    -I could never make her really happy- I could do everything/ she was bottomless.

    -I fellt her hate on me like she was an other person/ she said she does not hate me.

    -she was paranoid and on the run everytime

    -her friends only boys

    -on facebook allot of photos only her/her/her even with lesser clothes on/ model like/ even ther-> she had joined a group-> dont get it twisted I know what love is / for sure she knows it...

    later on I was evil for what so ever; I was only trying to help her/ had done so much to help/ never did anything to her/ only the spying/ but my inner soul was right. She was cheating me. She was the angel/ never did any wrong nope I did.
    I was sososososo down bc of her/ I got so depressed and am/ I was really to give up my live/ never expirance such a human in alllll my live. Im mental not over this/ everytime thinking about it/ how she treated me. I will never forget that treatment.
    My weigth was 95kg -1,74cm and now 70kg. She had hurt me sososososo much. I never had belived that such a person would do something like that to me.
    Im a helpfull/rescurer typ of person so I wanted to help/ she sucked my life energy/ even when I was down with a influenza/ I had to run from here to there/ she had no concern about my state. The next boyfriend makes her happy for sure. I was not good enough for her deeds. What do you think could it be? BPD + NPD? After I called her fake/ one time/ becouse of his friend/ she changed 100% I could sense it deeply that I was on her black side. So much hate and anger on... I have bin sooo confuised. It is hell to experience that. Suffering 4 month now/ but I am feeling a little bit better now. ://

    Greetings from Germany


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