Sunday, July 11, 2010

Relationship Recovery Step 4: Start a Me Project

Are you ready to start a project like the one that I've done here? I'm going to show you how. It's pretty easy -- sign up to become a member on this site, then go ahead and create a blog of your own.

I'm moving The Me Project to -- a fully functional site that has quite a lot of functionality, including the ability for users to post in forums and create their own websites. People can create their own Me Projects.

That's right -- this site allows you to have your own Me Project. You can blog as much or as little as you want, and you can work with others in the community to help you recover. The blog also has private forums where you can anonymously post.

What is a Me Project?

For those of you that are just discovering the BPD Relationship Recovery site or the Me Project, it's a project where you focus on yourself. You start looking at yourself and your own needs. Too often, those of us that get enmeshed in a BPD relationship are in an unhealthy relationship where it becomes all about our partner.

It's time to work on ourselves.

If you're like me, I had difficulty doing this -- I thought that my happiness came from making others happy. I didn't focus on myself enough and my needs. Before starting this journey, I didn't spend enough time looking out for myself, and as such, I was not happy because my needs were never met.

When I started the Me Project, I put my foot down and demanded that I spend time on myself, working on myself, and making me the person that I always wanted.

It's your turn, if you're ready.

Go to, register to be a user, start your own website and let the journey begin. It can be as much of a journey as you want. You can make it in to it's own full-fledged life where you express yourself, your feelings and your adventures, or you can just write a little bit when you feel it. The choice is yours.

In the upcoming posts, those that are engaged in the Me Project will get different exercises. Some of these will be exploratory, others will be tried and true exercises in rebuilding yourself.

Stay tuned. The Me Project just took on a whole new dimension. Go to and start taking the next step and head into the new world of BPD Relationship Recovery -- your own Me Project.

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