Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What Every BPD Could Say to Keep Their Partner

Most BPDs don't know this, but most Non's would stay with their BPD forever if they would do some simple things and say some simple things to their partner.

Unfortunately, the BPD truly believes their thoughts. Their thoughts mimic that of a child's, and they can't think clearly enough to even understand what they are doing to their partner. They make the world such where they are the victim of everyone else in the world and responsible for nothing.

What words should every BPD say?

I'm so sorry.


  1. Hmmmmm...a heartfelt sorry can do wonders to salve hurt feelings etc., but how many times can you hear the phrase "I'm so sorry" before you just want to say "stop doing things that make it necessary for you to say that". I personally believe that a person with BPD needs to be aware and in recovery before they can actually have a relationship. Sorry doesnt cut it...but cognitive awareness might.

  2. I'm sorry, yep that's all it would take. Instead I got I don't love you. YOU pissed it all away. Yep. always to the blame

  3. "Unfortunately, the BPD truly believes their thoughts."
    Scratch that to "feelings". That's why it's so chaotic. One minute she "feels" insecure about your love for her, then the next she "feels" that she's ugly, then the next she "feels" happy and loved.
    What you experience is her projecting these feelings on you.
    Very chaotic.

  4. My BPD girlfriend of 6 years just broke up with me five weeks ago. I never knew what was wrong, and I even started to believe that maybe it really was ME all this time! Once I figured out that she was actually BPD, I cried, it was hard to realize that no matter what I did it would have never been enough for her. I miss her like crazy, but even now there is crazy making and lies. I can't stand the person I became in this relationship. That person is not me. Why did I not leave earlier?


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