Wednesday, November 11, 2009


While driving to work today, I saw a sign on the back of someone's car. It said, "have a great day." What a great message, I thought.

It reminded me of my relationship with the BPD. She saw signs, she told me, all of the time. She said that there were signs coming at her -- she thought that her dead husband was sending her signs and looking out for her well-being.

Billboards, bumper stickers, television ads, newspaper and magazines, the internet, songs, you name it -- the borderline was getting sent signs. She told me that with Bob, her previous boyfriend, the signs were most everywhere. Then with me, the signs came as well.

Do People Really Get Signs from The Supernatural?
Was the BPD given signs to get away from me because I was bad and taking advantage of her? Did her dead husband send her signs saying that I was bad and going to hurt her? Did she get her signs all the time, as we drove down the road, as we did whatever?

One time, when we were driving to Delaware, she started to say the bad signs that she saw:

Snakes on A Plane
Get Out Now
Your Time is Gonna Come

I got it. I started to tell her about the signs that I saw:

Jesus loves you
Life Is Good
A Mind Is A Terrible Thing to Waste
It's A Beautiful Day

As a Christian, I would say that The Lord gives you messages and shepherds you in a direction. You will have certain life occurrences and events that will move you in a direction. God stopped speaking to people thousands of years ago, so you may be given an impression, and if you're tuned into the Lord, he may speak through you by providing you with thoughts, feelings and emotions. This requires intensive work in your spirituality and developing yourself so The Lord will give you certain thoughts.

The Edge of Our Perception

As the Perception artwork indicates, we are travelers on the edge of our perception. If we perceive the world to be bad and people will hurt us and take advantage of us, we will attract that to us. Furthermore, the signs that we see will all be negative.

If we see signs that are positive and uplifting, we will live a life of positivity and goodness. The choice is ours.

Did my ex girlfriend, who suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder, actually see signs? She had trained her mind to see negative signs in everything -- maybe this is why she had her anxiety eyes, I don't know. She could have trained herself to see positive signs, but you can't be a victim of positivity.

Borderline Personality Disorder is diagnosed as such because those that suffer from it are on the border of neurosis and psychosis. These signs are one example of this border -- I used to say that she was outright crazy about her signs.

In the end, our perception is everything -- so much that we can make things into whatever we want. That's my biggest lesson.

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