Monday, April 26, 2010

Reader Comments Keep Me Motivated

Thanks to each and every one of you for your comments, questions and contributions to this site. I truly appreciate every last one of them, and they're the main reason I keep writing this site.

I've tried to find financial reasons to justify my continuing on this site, and they're simply not there. All of my efforts to monetize this site at all has earned me a total of $20. That's right, 20 bucks from all the links to books, the Google Adwords, the dating site links, everything.

So, it's not about the money. It's about the joy that I get from helping each of you. It's about the joy that I get when someone writes to me and says how much the blog has helped them.

I hope the blog keeps helping others. Your contributions also help others see that we're not alone. The Me Project has been, and continues to be a collaborative effort. So keep the comments coming.


  1. And thanks to you sir for running this blog.

    Coming back here regularly, reading and rereading your posts and the comments has helped me keep perspective and a straight head about what is going on with my own relationship over the last few months.

  2. It's amazing how the non experience with the BPRer (diagnosed or not) is so similiar at such a collective level. There has not been one comment or blog post that did not resonate with my own experience during my relationship with the uBPD. I learn daily from readers comments that I was not the one who was "crazy", even though I did not handle the situation well most of the time. Here's to hope and healing through the shared experience!

  3. I posted over the weekend about how i just ended a relationship with a girl with BPD. When i first met her, she hid this from me until she acted so poorly one time that she had to admit to me that she had this condition. I was seriously hurt by this because the person i fell in love with was very different than the person i would come to know.

    After reading about this condition, i tried to make the relationship work as best as i could, but as time progressed it kept getting worse and worse. It was like nothing i did to show that i cared for her mattered, it was only the next time she could see me that mattered. To make matters worse, it was a long distance relationship. I know now that this compounded the problem 1000 fold.

    I knew things were going to end badly. I just didn't know that it would be this painful. It was like dating a child. Things became too lopsided. It was like a full time emotional rescue for her, while i wasn't getting any emotional rescue from her. It was very selfish.

    Your blog has helped very much in the past week. It is comforting to know that i'm not the only one who has been devastated by this horrible mental illness.

    "If i had known then, what i know know" - Pearl Jam "Red Misquito"


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