Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Old Car

I have an old car that I love to drive. It drives wonderfully, when it runs. It gets great fuel economy, and I was hoping that my son would someday drive it.

It's a safe car that runs well.

The problem is that the car is a 1997 and continually has problems. Big problems:
  • I was at the beach and the car ruptured an oil line. I had to stop every 20 miles and put more oil into the vehicle
  • The car continues to lose power on a regular basis when I go up hills. It's a turbo diesel and multiple mechanics can't figure it out.
  • Most recently, the car's sunroof is now leaking
I sit there, always thinking to myself, if I fix this one more thing, the car will run well.

Just one more thing and everything will be fine.

I felt the same way about the borderline. If I do this one more thing, she'll trust me and all will be well.

If I tolerate this one more time of abuse, all will be well and she'll trust me.

Just one more thing and she'll trust me.

I stayed in the relationship from the beginning thinking this and never learned.

My old car is now for sale.

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