Thursday, May 13, 2010

Change Your Life Now: The Secret

The Law of Attraction Changes Lives

I forgot about this but starting talking to a friend about this recently. So, I thought that it's important that you know about this, that you learn about this and that you do this: You need to live the principles outlined in the book The Secret. It's a silly little book which will take you one, maybe two hours to read.

I Knew That

The other thing about The Secret is that when you read it, you'll say, "I knew that." But you didn't do it.

It takes time, but you really can do it.

The Secret covers the power of positive thinking, but really covers The Law of Attraction, the basic law of You Get What You Wish For. Many don't know this, but it's true, whatever you want, whatever you need, you ask for. The problem is that many of us subconsciously ask for things that we don't want. We don't know it, but we're attracting negative energy, attitudes, people and situations every day.

The Secret is a little book, but is a must read for everyone. Once you read it, read it again. Get it here: The Secret

You can take the readings that you find from The Law of Attraction and put them into anything -- from business and family to relationships and how you live your life.

Such a simple concept, but how many actually do it?

Do it today -- you'll be happy that you did.

So, What Does The Secret Have to Do With BPD?

I actually bought this book for the BPD when I was with her. I read it, then got a copy for her. I got her this book and The Power of Positive Thinking -- anything that I could do to change her thinking process so she would see the positive, the good in the world.

It didn't work. When you're disordered, you can't get past your obsessions, your obsessive thoughts and your anxiety. It's sad, but all of these efforts -- those of you that have been following the blog know them -- cannot overcome a personality disorder like Borderline Personality disorder.

Advanced Law of Attraction Studies -- Abraham

I just started reading this, but it seems quite interesting. It's the story of a spirit named Abraham and his teachings about The Law of Attraction.

Now, I'll tell you, this is more advanced Law of Attraction -- like Law of Attraction 200 or 300 if we were in a college course.

It's pretty funky, but it's definitely interesting. It's worth reading, although I have yet to get through it.

You Can Change Your Life

The beautiful part of this is that you can change your life. You have the power. It's an amazing power, so envision the life that you want and deserve. Then go do it.

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