Thursday, May 6, 2010

BPD Awareness Month & David's Personal BPD Recovery Update

Publisher's Note: David checked in and updated all of us on the status of his BPD relationship recovery. He also provides information on BPD Awareness Month. Thanks David for the update -- and the information on BPD Awareness Month

Well it's been a year now since the final spiral downward in my former relationship with the uBPD after 2 years, I've written about it before but it was the  arguably the worst moment of my life where all my stuff collided head on with all her stuff and effects resonated for 6 more months.

This month will celebrate the 6 month anniversary of the final breakup initiated by her and that lightbulb moment that made me realize my own part in the relationship that was unhealthy. I still miss her though, even realizing that for her nothing has changed just that she's with another man.

BPD Awareness Month Update

By Act of the U.S. House of Representatives,

MAY is Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month*

To learn more about BPD visit the National Education Alliance for

Borderline Personality Disorder at,

or the National Alliance on Mental Illness at

“It is essential to increase awareness of BPD among people suffering

from this disorder, their families, mental health professionals and the

general public by promoting education, research, funding, early detection

and effective treatments.”

*H. RES 1005, PASSED 4/1/08

Back to David's BPD Recovery Update

As for me I'm slowly getting used to the single life, I've unsuccessfully dated but I'm getting back out there. I'm setting goals for myself, am giving the car free life a try and wrangling in my finances. I'm planning a trip to East Asia, getting more involved with my church, I hardly drink anymore, I am no longer the man I was before or during the time I was with the uBPD. I'm developing a healthy persona and facing my fears even though it sucks sometimes (ok, most of the time but it will get better). I still have deep emotions for her (but then again I was addicted) but I'm facing my part.
I figure I have 1.5 years left to truly be over her but the hardest part is over...

Great work, David. Keep the faith, and be sure to keep checking in and providing status updates...

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