Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Me Project Evolves

I'm happy to say that I continue to move forward with the Me Project, but I'm now thinking that, like I've said before, the Me Project has become the Us Project.

Along the lines of the Relationship Recovery Steps, I'm about to cover the next topic, which is Start Your Own Me Project. In this step, I'll begin to cover the ways to do this and will provide you with tools to do this. In the future, look for:
- Forums
- Customizable pages for your own Me Project
- A community where we can all recover from our BPD relationship
- More support in the form of guides, helpful tips and community testimony

The Me Project may be moving to a new website as well that can support these more heavy-duty technologies and tools that will better enable you to deal with Borderline Personality Disorder.

This new site will be much more challenging for you. You'll have to do more than just read posts -- you'll be required to participate in discussions, answer questions, and track your growth as you work through your recovery issues.

You're about to rebuild your life, or continue rebuilding your life. Get ready.

Let me know what you think -- send me a comment or email me. Are you ready? Do you want to do this? This will all start in the next month, so get ready as the Me Project/Us Project evolves into a new way for us to recover.


  1. Yes strength in numbers. I have certainly found it to be true for me. Reading your blogs and others comments made me feel stronger and not an isolated case. To know that we all have complete empathy for one another. If you have not experienced a relationship with a BPD partner you cannot possibly fully understand the damage they do and the carnage they leave. In our NONS community Us Project, we do. Looking forward to your next blog.

  2. I'm interested. There are some forums out there already, most populated by BPD's rather than Non's...

    Besides that, I'd like to offer you the following song...

    MUST be a BPD/Non song.

    Cheers, G.

  3. Wow I feel so damaged. I'm a 38 year old male who has realized I had been through the ringer with a BPD. Everything I've researched has defined her to be BPD and all the scenarios I went through with love at first sight to meeting her 3 year old in the second week and her trying to talk me into having a child within the first month. If a boy she wanted to name him after my grandfather who is deceased. Soon after that I would stay up night after night holding her as she cried uncontrollably trying to convince her that I did care for her. Things were really getting strange and her behavior was becoming more and more abnormal. I should have left the relationship after the first month but she had ways of seducing me back. The push pull was so intense. I had never heard of BPD until I went to a good friend who is a therapist and told him some of the details I was experiencing and he nailed it! I'm becoming an expert on BPD I've been all over the web searching. The scary thing about it all is she is a psychotherapist as well! Anyways here I am 8 months later in horrible emotional grief trying to forget about her. I kept riding the relationship out hoping things would get better. It has been one month since the breakup and I am an emotional wreck! I've seen a therapist and a doctor. I can't wait until I don't think about her ever again. She rebounded on me immediately and now I'm discarded like yesterday's tampon.


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