Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Den Is Back...or Is He??

After losing my soul, I'm back. Still healing, but back.

I have yet to get some of my regular spunk back, but that's because I'm not spending time with enough people, and the people that I am spending time with (at work mostly) aren't very spunky.

That's okay, it'll get better. With the right company, I can still be me, which is nice. It'll take more time to fully integrate back into the real world, but I'm getting there, learning a lot about new people.

So if anyone should ever wonder whether Den is back or not, he is. He's grown quite a bit, but he's back.

At the end of the day, I'm just a guy, a boy at heart that will never lose that sense. I enjoy simple things, like playing guitar, listening to music and being in a safe environment. I get the most out of my kids as I watch them become these amazing personalities.

Be sure to only show your vulnerabilities in safe environments. The wrong people will try to destroy you with your vulnerabilities. Don't let them.

Den is back though and the world's a lot better.

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