Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Memories

Easter was a good memory with her and the kids. Two years ago, she met my family for the first time -- they loved her and the girls profusely. Last year, we went to my parents with the girl after celebrating Easter at her house. I think that was right before her house flooded and she kicked me out the second time for no reason -- more abuse, and every silver lining has a touch of gray.

Anyway, it's been a tough few days -- I'm not sure why but I guess the detachment is once again taking place and the emotional wounds of that are again beginning to surface. I guess you don't only grow addicted to the highs, you grow used to the lows as well. You go from a thousand miles an hour with a BPD to no interaction; it's a bit of a shock.

They say that you have to disengage for one full year for recovery to occur. I'm getting there...

It was nice getting up with the girls and having them look for eggs that were filled with candy and coins, I believe. We had to watch the dog so she didn't get them -- think the hound was in the laundry room.

It' s just crazy, that I can look back and have such fond memories, and she's so totally out of her mind that she thinks that she was the victim of some monster. Too much. Insane.

Oh well. Not my problem anymore. Happy Easter. I'm back in the healing process and about to blow the doors off this joint, I can feel it.

Look out world, Den is back.

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